DMCA Ignored Hosting

Offshore Hosting

The literal definition of offshore hosting that we recognize is the process of your hosting your data in a different country other than your own. However, there are more characteristics to offshore hosting that you should know about. The most common are:

Provide faster and less expensive DMCA Ignored hosting to companies operating in risky areas or those that need to protect sensitive data from threat actors.

Scalable: be able to handle large volumes of traffic and traffic peaks with lower costs and less infrastructure.

Largest worldwide hosting provider

In 2018, we saw the largest hosting provider, OVH, overtake the top spot of the first annual LinuxBadges Top 10 Linux Hosting Providers.

Many of these hosting providers are specialised in hosting websites for the dark web, such as:

Business and hosting services

Business and hosting services are a crucial part of the total package to provide the best user experience and hence the value to the organisation. Whilst providers can help a business grow their website it is important that you are aware of what providers are offering, when looking for a new provider to host your website.

Famous free cloud services

With the increase in popularity of the free cloud services (via usage based billing) many business people are choosing a provider with an adequate customer support. The most famous cloud services for this purpose are:

Accreditation from a respected accreditation body

Businesses who have a reputable name and/or experience in hosting businesses can qualify for professional accreditation for their services. The best option to get a professional accreditation would be to contact your chosen hosting provider.

Proactive hosting

All servers are now required to be configured, tested and monitored before they are allowed to be placed in a production environment. Many hosting providers provide monitoring and management to their clients.

When choosing a host provider, you are typically in control of what goes on. This is the ideal way to gain control over the uptime of your servers, which is the most important aspect of running a business.


The most important aspect of hosting a business is the 24-hour support. This means that all of the issues that you may encounter will be identified and resolved. This is in comparison to other services which require an annual contract to take advantage of the support.

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