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What Can I Expect From Installation Of My loft Board?

We are highly experienced and run our installation processes in-house. You can expect to be instructed by our team prior to installation; in our workshop and our own private showroom. Our workstation has four toilets, a sofa and a double bed, all fitted in each time you arrive.

If your loft is 30+ft high, we are more than happy to spend a whole day on site Loft Boarding Loft Flooring doing the complete job. We will fit lighting in your home to make the loft feel warm and cosy. We are also qualified electrical installers.

Does The Loft Board Go Up To My Ceiling?

We supply 3.5mm (2mm less than standard ) in-floor high loft boarding. You will need to specify the height of your ceiling before we arrive, so that your loft board fits neatly in the gap between joists. We provide design boards and drill a hole in the floor for you, and, if necessary, have a professional joiner join it to the joists.

Do I Need To Sand It?

You will need to use sandpaper or timber strippers to help remove any surface wood from the decking materials, but all our boards have been painted by hand, so the general surface is smooth, and should not require any additional treatment.

Do I Need To Fill The Hole In The Floor?

Yes, all wood is removed from the floor joists and the whole joist can be fit with loft board. If the floor joist is too large, the loft board is too deep, or your ceiling joists are too far apart, we will have to fit a cross-member on either side to support the loft board and prevent it from sagging.

How long Will It Take To Fit The Loft Board?

We can fit all the loft boarding in the factory for you, so all you have to do is get your furniture, take delivery, remove the existing floor boards and wheel in your loft board. The entire job takes about 2-3 hours, including work in the workshop beforehand.

How Much Will My Loft Board Cost?

The price varies from just £50 for a standard size loft board (2x3m) to over £1000 for a loft board suitable for an additional room. However, if your Loft Boarding Loft Flooring we would recommend that you also get our kit, which will install the full insulation and loft insulation together, at a cost of just £150 for the entire installation.

How Long Will It Take To Fit The Loft Insulation?

You will need to have your existing floorboards removed before the loft insulation can be installed. The entire job takes around 2-3 hours.

I Have Damaged The Floorboards – What Should I Do?

The wood beneath your floors is your structural timber and can’t be replaced. Although it will wear unevenly, it is unlikely to affect structural integrity.

How Do I Select The Best Loft Board?

Our loft boards are always made from reclaimed timber and are finished with a coating, which will provide a smooth, durable finish and will resist the growth of any new wood during the coming years. They also feature a layer of linseed oil to protect the timber.

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