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we work with lots of clients on average around 100 clients a year, many of whom have limited design and marketing experience. So, before you turn your nose up at the idea of designing your own website design let us share how to go about creating your site, step by step.


 We’ll be using simple HTML and CSS to show you how to build your site; these are the basic building blocks of the web.

How To Create a Website

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Choose Your Name

There are tons of ways to create a URL. As a rule, don’t choose a URL that you know you’ll never use in your everyday life.

For example, if you want to call your site Fit and Healthy, you’d call it Not because you think you’ll ever be searching for a “Fit and Healthy” business (because you won’t be), but because you’re not really promoting your site to anyone who is not your audience.

On the other hand if you’re planning to call your site All-Purpose Fun, you’d pick

The reason for this is because you’re selling to everyone. Fit and Healthy is to anyone who might be interested in fitness what All-Purpose Fun is to the person who wants to learn all about fun. The same goes for other options like or

Step 2: Pick a Domain

Now that you’ve picked a name, you need a domain. This is the name you’ll use to point your website at. There are hundreds of top-level domains (TLDs) out there like .com, .org, .info, and, but if you don’t know what they are, you can skip this part of the guide.

Some common options include: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For a better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there are two things you need to do:

Pick a good domain (for example,,, and Choose a long, juicy, SEO-friendly domain (for example,, .info, or .net)

Step 3: Pick an OK Site Template

One of the first things a designer will do is to pick a decent template. That way, he or she can see how it will look with your site and whether or not it’s a good fit.

There are a couple of sites like,, and, but there are lots of free options as well. We’re big fans of a few options:


All in all, we’d recommend at least one of the aforementioned sites. The good thing about them is that they’re free and you can pick a template that makes sense for you.

Step 4: Set Up Your Domain

After you’ve chosen a decent site template, it’s time to set up your domain and make sure it’s properly registered. Remember, you won’t be using it much in your daily life, so make sure it’s one you’re comfortable with.

You’ll need a working email address on file, and you’ll also need a phone number for your customer service team to reach you.

You can either set up a forwarding service to your inbox, or you can set up an application that stores your email and number.


All in all, we’d recommend at least one of the aforementioned sites. The good thing about them is that they’re free and you can pick a template that makes sense for you.

Step 5: Set Up a Client Email and Phone

Your site is set up, but now it’s time to set up your client email address and phone number.

Again, remember that it won’t be in use much. However, it’s a good idea to leave your contact information somewhere. For example, if you have an autoresponder service like, you can set it up to send you emails from your domain.

Also, if you’re in the physical business, you may want to have a mailing address for customers. With a lot of product and service providers, you’ll have a unique mailing address.

Step 6: Create an Installation Package

There’s a reason why designers and marketers like us are always building our own websites. It’s because it gives us full control of our websites. There’s no way to screw up the layout if you have full access to it.

As a web developer, you have the same freedom. However, you’re limited to what resources you have at your disposal. You might want to buy your own hosting account or have someone else run a site for you.

As a web developer, you have the option of getting the best hosting service possible, or you can have your own hosting account and work from there.

If you want to get started, I recommend using one of the following hosting providers:


If you want to jump right in and have full control, get yourself a .com and a one-click installer.

Step 7: Set Up Your Site

Once your site is installed, you’ll need to update a couple of things.

For starters, you’ll want to install a simple editor like Dreamweaver or XPress Editor.

We’d recommend a web developer like Dreamweaver over XPress Editor because of its powerful selection of HTML and CSS blocks. XPress Editor is fine for beginners, but they’ll quickly get frustrated by it.

A third option is Openwebstudio, which is powered by Microsoft CodeMirror. It’s a free program, and you can use it on any computer without registration.

Calgary Movers Pro

Calgary Movers Pro

Debuting as a delivery company in 1994 in Calgary, Calgary Movers Pro is now a trusted and established moving company. They can assist with every request regarding your move, even the most unconventional ones! They can provide service for local, as well as long distance moves. But what sets them apart the most is their 24-hour emergency service. They are available for last minute moves, so even with a short notice, they’ll find the best solution for your move in Calgary. Whether you need local or long distance service, Calgary Movers Pro can do it all for you.

Talking to them, you’ll get a personal plan of action for every move you request. The owner, Ryan Gervais, makes sure that his employees are both knowledgeable and experienced in moving.

The Team

Whether you’re moving to the downtown or having a hard time getting a moving company on a busy day, you can rely on the Calgary Movers Pro to get you in your place safe and sound. They offer the best in the industry: moving services for those on a tight budget, for private as well as business moves.

When you hire a Calgary Movers Pro moving company, they make sure your move is hassle-free. They aim to complete a move within a day, or maximum, of 2 days. If it’s going to be a bigger or more involved move, they’ll have a representative at your site to make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Hire a Reliable Calgary Movers Pro Moving Company

The company isn’t just about making a move easy. You can rest assured knowing that the staff will go above and beyond their duty. The team will ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible, including making sure that nothing is damaged and packing everything in the right manner.

Besides that, the team will ensure that the items that you’re moving are in great condition. They have a team of experts in their team who are able to assess the condition of your items to ensure that they’re perfectly packed for the next phase of the move.If you have any questions or concerns about the move, you can always send them a message via their contact page. They are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and any time of the day. They can always take care of the concern that you might have.

They’re Moving the Country

Ever heard of a moving company that delivers jobs all across Canada? Yes, it’s possible. Calgary Movers Pro can help you with all your moving needs. With some of the most experienced, diligent movers in Calgary, they are moving jobs all across the country. Whether you need service in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario or the rest of Canada, they can handle it all!

Services Include:

Airline & freight logistics

Transport of small items

Move from Calgary to Vancouver

Move from Calgary to Edmonton

About Moving Essentials for Seniors: 5 Step Plan For Transforming Your Life Into The Next Decade!

Moving Essentials for Seniors is a revolutionary new guide to helping seniors transition successfully through the end of their lives. A leader in the area of elder care for the last several years, and a regular featured guest on national television and radio, Stephanie Tremblay has been contracted by Moving Essentials to share her experience as a senior care professional, including her top tips and ways seniors can create the best possible transition from the home to their new place of residence. 

Readers will discover how to transform their lives by creating a plan for preparing and adjusting their habits and lifestyles, while retaining the freedom they have always known. As they adapt to an ever-changing world, they will discover the wonderful sense of freedom that comes with the ability to take back their lives. 

Explore: Health issues that can bring seniors to retirement communities, help provide an alternative to traditional care facilities, and offer seniors more choices on how they want to age. The “Nostalgic” chapter is designed to provide seniors with ways to age their best! Many tips will be directly geared to helping them rediscover their happiness and laughter. The “Useful” chapter focuses on the many ways seniors can make an informed decision about where they want to retire, both on their own and with the help of their family. A unique chapter on the “Plans” part of the 5 step plan will provide ideas for moving from your current home to your new home, and will teach the basic ideas and tools you need to get it done.

Insolvency UK

Insolvency UK

We are a dedicated team of recovery and insolvency specialists. We have a unified team of ten specialist lawyers across a number of departments who include amongst them a qualified Insolvency Practitioner. We deliver solutions at local, regional and national levels. Our depth of practice and expertise, coupled with our unique pricing structure and alternative funding arrangements, means our practice will deliver the quality of advice, at the lowest of prices to a breadth of clients, all with unique views and commercial imperatives. With offices located in Liverpool, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Southport, our growing team is on hand to provide legal advice. With facilities at Bond Street in London and Sydenham Place in Bristol we provide high quality office space for our clients.

With experienced teams of insolvency UK practitioners, we can advise on all aspects of insolvency including; Asset Recovery, Bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders, Companies Circulars, Co-operation Agreements, Equity for Debtors, Insolvency and Forfeiture Orders, Low Divorce Release and Rent Back.

Providing a unique service with a state of the art recovery centre we understand the legal requirements for insolvency practitioners.We can provide legal advice in relation to insolvency, investment firms, special voluntary arrangements, insolvency professional regulation and interim business rescue solutions.

We are based in the Midlands, but this doesn’t mean we do not have clients in London. We also have significant clients in London, and continue to see increasing numbers in London as the economy expands. There are many benefits to being local to a client and we work with national and international companies in the leisure, retail, and oil and gas sectors, alongside small and medium sized businesses in the county.

Our aim is to deliver solutions to clients by solving the business problems that are identified and quantified and which are frequently ignored by less sophisticated investors who have a general understanding of insolvency issues but not of the law.We have recently opened a new office in nearby Worcester with a dedicated team to deliver a dedicated service to clients who need us in Worcester.

Freedom Over Debt

Freedom Over Debt is a public company limited by guarantee that helps businesses and individuals across the UK through financial difficulties.

Freedom Over Debt uses a flexible business model to help people to emerge from insolvency and rebuild their lives. Through our unique approach we have developed a suite of core services that are designed to help those who are struggling with financial difficulties.Freedom Over Debt aim to take our client’s financial difficulties off their plate so they can concentrate on getting their business or personal life back on track.

Redstart Capital

Redstart Capital is a specialist finance house that can provide essential working capital to UK businesses to help them grow, increase profits and improve their competitiveness.Redstart Capital offers funds with flexible terms, helping customers to manage risk and avoid unnecessary costs. These funds can be drawn in individual and separate withdrawals, enabling customers to make both short-term and longer term capital available to them, on flexible terms.

Redstart Capital is an independent company, which is part of the HSBC group. As such, our services are backed up by experienced professionals.

Solicitor Marketing

solicitor Marketing Tips for Law Firms 

Get your marketing strategy on the right track, with Ben Trott’s top marketing tips for law firms.

May 31, 2006 15+ min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 

Thinking about a Solicitor marketing campaign for your law firm? It’s certainly not time to become a Grinch. If your goal is to position your firm as a leader in the legal marketplace, a few simple steps can help get you started.

“If your firm wants to make your marketing a significant part of the growth strategy, you really have to spend some time and effort thinking about it,” says Richard Benadrin, founder and CEO of New York City-based Benadrin Marketing. “And your first step is to conduct some market research and get an objective view of what the marketplace thinks of your firm.”

To keep your marketing efforts on target, consider these ten marketing tips from a marketing veteran:

1. Get to know the marketplace. Market research is about identifying who your prospective clients are. You need to know if they have problems in your particular market area, so you can target your advertising and marketing messages. 

You can also figure out if you’re at a disadvantage in the marketplace. If you don’t already know how to speak a certain language, you’re probably at a disadvantage. This doesn’t mean you can’t learn, but you may have to hire a translator to reach the targeted clients.

Related: Marketing 101: How to Teach Your Law Firm to Sell 

In another example, a law firm I interviewed earlier this year for a special section in The American Lawyer reported to me that it’s hard for its attorneys to explain how their firm operates to prospective clients. They’re hesitant to do so because they haven’t gotten very far in their marketing research.

2. Understand your competition. “Think like a detective, and begin to study your competition,” says Benadrin. He says his law firm routinely does research to understand the thinking of other law firms in our marketplace. “What is it about the firm that makes it stand out?” he says. “If the firm is overpriced, then it may not be a great deal. Some firms may have a great reputation for getting the job done, but they may charge too much.”

3. Identify the demographic of your prospects. What do they like to do? What are their age, gender and marital status? “We try to ascertain what kind of client they are, so we can tailor our marketing to them,”he says. 

Find out what’s most important to the clients you want to attract. People who work out of the home, for instance, value speed, so they’re more likely to respond to a firm that has a web site that lets them put in their schedules and make appointments quickly. Related: Marketing: Profitable Ways to Build a Law Firm

4. Show how you’re different. That means looking at your competitors and learning what they do and what their strengths are. Your objective is to be different. “Think about the combination of your clients’ needs and the law firm’s capabilities,” says Benadrin. “Maybe you can do things better than your competitors.

” Does your firm have a better office environment? Are you better at presenting the legal theory behind a client’s problem? “We try to figure out how we’re different from other law firms,” he says.

5. Introduce your brand. A brand is what defines your law firm. What does it stand for? What is it all about? Develop an overarching brand statement that everyone working for your law firm understands. 

Benadrin maintains a simple two-page marketing statement that’s printed on a whiteboard and posted in his office.

A brand is about personality as much as it is about products. When you sell a product, you are hoping to turn prospects into clients. But you’re also hoping to create a relationship with the customer that keeps them coming back for more. In a similar way, you want to establish a relationship with your clients. You’re working for them and not just selling a product. Your goal is to help your clients do what they want to do in order to solve their problems, no matter how they get there. Your goal is to do the work that’s required to help them. 

That’s a better way to make money than trying to sell a product and never getting paid.

Black stone solicitors conveyancing

For guidance on choosing a solicitor or conveyancer, see our guide to choosing a solicitor.

Which conveyancing firms are the best?

If you want to cut costs, you could ask for the name of the solicitor and conveyancer on the contract or sign on the dotted line.However, this may be a dangerous option. The solicitor or conveyancer will charge you a fee based on your purchase price and the size of your mortgage.If the cost of the service is more than your total cost of purchasing the property, it might not be worth it.

What can I do if my solicitor or conveyancer won’t deal with my needs?

If the solicitor or conveyancer you choose has a good reputation but you don’t agree on anything else, you can find an alternative solicitor. If you’re buying or selling a house or apartment with a friend or family member, you can also choose a solicitor or conveyancer who doesn’t deal with your specific purchase or sale.

Once you know who you’re dealing with, you’ll know exactly what to expect, how much you have to pay and when you’ll Black stone solicitors conveyancing get it.

Find out more: Licensed conveyancers – who they are and how they work: Black stone solicitors conveyancing

What is mortgage negotiation?

There are four parts to mortgage negotiation:

The mortgage rate

Your purchase price

The total cost of the mortgage Your monthly mortgage repayments Most solicitors will want to get the right mortgage rate for you, and will work with you to get the best deal. However, some solicitors will negotiate their own fee.Mortgage rates tend to be relatively low at the moment. You could also use a mortgage broker to negotiate a good deal on your behalf.

What are the advantages of using a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker will negotiate a much better deal for you and they’re backed by one of the big high street banks or building societies, so they can offer you a more competitive deal. It’s possible to save a few hundred pounds over the course of the mortgage by using a broker.

Borrowers often tell us that they’re able to get a better deal because they have one question to ask: ‘what’s the best rate’?

There are also savings to be made by working with a broker.This could be a good way to put together a team of lenders. For example, you could work with a mortgage broker, conveyancer and solicitor, and have a mortgage that’s tailored specifically for you.

Which conveyancing firms do I need to hire?

Most people who buy or sell property use a solicitor or conveyancer to do the work. For a sale, these include selling the home and transferring ownership of the property to the buyer; for a purchase, these include buying the property and creating the title to the property. Most solicitors and conveyancers will charge a percentage of the property value as a fee. This fee is based on the number of hours they’ve spent on your case and it might be the same for a buyer or seller. We’ve written a guide to finding the right solicitor

Find out more: Selling your home – how to find the right conveyancer

How can I find a good mortgage broker?

There are a lot of mortgage brokers on the market. The Which? Conveyancing Selector is a great way to find a mortgage broker. If you don’t know where to start, call Which? Conveyancing. We can help you find a broker in your area that will compare quotes based on your criteria. You can also see what the brokers charge, the level of service they provide and what their business background is like. Once you’ve found a broker, you can either select a deal from the main list or call the company directly