What is bohemian style

The youth or fashion is the most amazing way to see the difference between contemporary and classic. It is the combination of the hip and chic styles. It is only ever sought by the youngsters. This style is almost the same as bohemian style except for some more patterns and colors. The fabric used is different and the design is different. The style always consists of a nice makeup as well. This is used to brighten up the look and make it more appealing. Classic style is something that is admired and loved by many. It is nothing fancy at all, but it has a lot of sentimental value and it is extremely comfortable. This style is associated with the casual style of attire and clothing. It is for everyone. These are the ways which could bring out the different type of styles that exist. They are not any effort to be made at all. All one has to do is find a fashion stylist to see the best and new ideas. BBC As I sit in my living room in Newport Beach, CA. I am astonished by the images on my television screen as I watch the ocean come in and out of view. The loud noise from the waves crashing against the rocks invigorates me as if my heart is filled with nothing but joy. This is my beloved Orange County. In the city of Dana Point, I am able to take a ride by the Pacific Ocean on my motorcycle. It is such a comforting feeling. My Harley Davidson is parked in the yard of my house. I can ride on the open highway and enjoy the freedom of the open road. The seagulls call my name, as I reach for my camera and capture the moment. This is so iconic of life, freedom and adventures. What makes it so beautiful is the character of the county itself. I am a firm believer of life being what you make of it. People travel for different reasons. The things that motivate us in life play a large role in why we do things the way we do. I have traveled the world. It is my life and I never thought that I would live in Orange County,

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