Are the Numbers Telling Us Anything About Craft Beer-Post Pandemic?

This is a view which includes the impact of the Dahsyat Covid-19 already has what is a strong, innovative and entrepreneurial industry. Craft beer is not only a category of beer but has and has become an industry built on trust, friendship, community, business support and local pleasure. I appreciate the information and honest input that I received from the Association of Brewers and Dr. Bart Watson, especially a PhD. The American craft industry is building inheritance. The American craft beer industry is a victim because Americans really enjoy the Spirit of Crafts – regardless of Covid! Please read with a view of what the industry is if it faces and how it will turn into a printer!
January 12, 2021 data on beer production is a little encouraging

There are several bright places, but Covid 19 has taken casualties for the craft beer industry and the overall beer industry. Like the restaurant industry in total, guarantees and brewpubs have lost income and have been forced to find new packaging and distribution channels. The bottom pressure for the total beer market A.S. It has been with us since 2018. It also puts pressure on beer makers who try to face industrial locking storms, change the market, and financial pressure to adapt to changes.
Fed minus. Excise tax for beer launched in 2018 is now permanent in 2020

Taxes on beer and whiskey have begun and fund war since the discovery of alcohol for consumption. Recently, less than war, a ban trying to heal humanity from the adverse effects of demon drinks. After Barley’s domestication, beer has been consumed by nobles and “poor souls”. For many political reasons, “tax sin” hit a beer, wine, and hard spirit. Politicians like “tax sin”. But still, beer is the best offer for drinks to lift the human spirit, said Ben Franklin. Alcohol can now be an incoming source of income to refill the coffers of state and city children as local governments aware of the federal government will not compete with them to raise taxes. Beer requests do not include taxes can rise but people still like their beer. Maybe it’s one reason for making home brewers grow.
Battle was born more than just a state slogan, it was a beer with a western attitude

There are still people who want to take the risk of starting and growing a business, even when other people think the market is: saturated, very regulated and competitive. This article looks at a man who has a vision, proves that a vision with research, personal experience and getting assistance from leaders in the industry. Some people call the success of “luck”. Lee Trevino, Great Golf, has this to say about luck: I practice every day, pay a great golf instructor, try to understand my competitors, learning courses that I play, take careful notes, experiment with equipment and remember all my mistakes so I am me Rarely repeat them. Then people say shots or victories are luck. No, big victory and shots are what comes together with work that leads to the experience and God gives raw talent. BATTLE BORN BEER is built on the same type of hard work and not luck.

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