Large Helium Balloons for Advertising

JackyLN is an executive for one of the biggest companies in the middle. After a recent department between other companies on the east coast of Manhattan, the CEO wants to go national.

This means Jacklyn and the other in the department must do a lot of advertising to capture the market. Because the budget for this happens does not increase, this makes it more challenging to achieve the desired goals.

Inflatable Balloon

Driving home from work, Jacklyn saw a shop that uses an inflatable balloon. Establishment has promotional sales and this somehow attracts some drivers to park nearby and check it out.Seeing potential, Jacklyn checks and knows that the inflatable balloon is quite cheap. It might not function to make the company move so that something bigger must be needed like a large helium balloon.

Jacklyn checks several suppliers and finds that they can meet the company’s requirements. What the person must do is submit the design so that the store can make it and give it after 2 weeks.Because the quotation given was cheap, Jacklyn called for a meeting with everyone in the department. The goal now is to come up with a good design that has the color and company logo.


After three days, everything looked ready. CEO’s approval is the only thing left in blocking the project to push through.The presentation went well and the idea was approved. This is because it costs to make a balloon much cheaper than the advertising campaign on television or on the advertising board. The following week, Jacklyn returned and provided a design to the supplier.

As promised, the helium balloon was ready after two weeks. Helium-powered balloons are purchased with a length of 20 feet that can be easily assembled and dismantled. The helium tank must only be replaced to keep this object in the air.

Feeling satisfied with the results, the final payment was made and this was handed over to the Jacklyn team who would oversee this new toy flight.

The team must go a lot to go to the road to promote the company’s new products. This means that it occurs at exhibitions and conventions, which makes balloons very useful for creating brand awareness.

After 4 months in a new campaign, several more balloons were ordered to facilitate the Advertising Department to reach more people in other states.

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