Insolvency UK

Insolvency UK

We are a dedicated team of recovery and insolvency specialists. We have a unified team of ten specialist lawyers across a number of departments who include amongst them a qualified Insolvency Practitioner. We deliver solutions at local, regional and national levels. Our depth of practice and expertise, coupled with our unique pricing structure and alternative funding arrangements, means our practice will deliver the quality of advice, at the lowest of prices to a breadth of clients, all with unique views and commercial imperatives. With offices located in Liverpool, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Southport, our growing team is on hand to provide legal advice. With facilities at Bond Street in London and Sydenham Place in Bristol we provide high quality office space for our clients.

With experienced teams of insolvency UK practitioners, we can advise on all aspects of insolvency including; Asset Recovery, Bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders, Companies Circulars, Co-operation Agreements, Equity for Debtors, Insolvency and Forfeiture Orders, Low Divorce Release and Rent Back.

Providing a unique service with a state of the art recovery centre we understand the legal requirements for insolvency practitioners.We can provide legal advice in relation to insolvency, investment firms, special voluntary arrangements, insolvency professional regulation and interim business rescue solutions.

We are based in the Midlands, but this doesn’t mean we do not have clients in London. We also have significant clients in London, and continue to see increasing numbers in London as the economy expands. There are many benefits to being local to a client and we work with national and international companies in the leisure, retail, and oil and gas sectors, alongside small and medium sized businesses in the county.

Our aim is to deliver solutions to clients by solving the business problems that are identified and quantified and which are frequently ignored by less sophisticated investors who have a general understanding of insolvency issues but not of the law.We have recently opened a new office in nearby Worcester with a dedicated team to deliver a dedicated service to clients who need us in Worcester.

Freedom Over Debt

Freedom Over Debt is a public company limited by guarantee that helps businesses and individuals across the UK through financial difficulties.

Freedom Over Debt uses a flexible business model to help people to emerge from insolvency and rebuild their lives. Through our unique approach we have developed a suite of core services that are designed to help those who are struggling with financial difficulties.Freedom Over Debt aim to take our client’s financial difficulties off their plate so they can concentrate on getting their business or personal life back on track.

Redstart Capital

Redstart Capital is a specialist finance house that can provide essential working capital to UK businesses to help them grow, increase profits and improve their competitiveness.Redstart Capital offers funds with flexible terms, helping customers to manage risk and avoid unnecessary costs. These funds can be drawn in individual and separate withdrawals, enabling customers to make both short-term and longer term capital available to them, on flexible terms.

Redstart Capital is an independent company, which is part of the HSBC group. As such, our services are backed up by experienced professionals.